Tiramisu mocked their dignified surrounds with a drill of rock n roll-meets-disordered disco, doused with a slash of punk

– The Straits Times
Tiramisu was formed in 1997, the band started out as a mere project which eventually became a serious addiction and became a regular fixture in local independent gig listings around Singapore and Malaysia. Inspiration of forming the band came after Rizman Putra (vocalist), who was working as a waiter in an Italian restaurant, gave away a few slices of tiramisu discreetly to Jeremy Sharma (guitars) and Keith Su (guitars), who were at the same time looking for a bands name, one of them eventually got choked on the cocoa powder and hence, Tiramisu was born.

As they were schoolmates in a local art college, they started creating music in between classes, songs written were about personal experiences in relation to life, subconscious, dreams, rejection and the post-teenage angst.

Presently, Tiramisu has moved into a new realm of musical direction, they started on the idea of purposefully clashing their entire musical influences without guilt in order to find something fresh and crisp.

In 2000, Rizman Putra started to dabble in performance art and his habit of spontaneous action was crossed over to his role as the front man of Tiramisu. The band started to combine strange ideas in music and performance art, with a slight mode of transgression in their live act and intensified cathartic space. The band brought across a new realm in the local music scene, a mini clown rock jamboree and a devastated disco discontent, they balanced kitsch and cock rock with serious subject of human condition.

After many years of making music together, some of the founding members left due to the excesses a hedonistic lifestyle demands. Tiramisu is still rocking, though, with a new line-up, a new method, and a great style.

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