Plainsunset Fundraiser Gig

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Heya Folkies,
its been a while, we will be playing a half an hour set this Sunday at Home Club for our fellow Sunset bros fundraising gig. They will be heading to Melbourne for a tour.
We have not been playing for a while, so we are super excited to present a couple of new tracks for this show. Probably a new sound indeed. SO please do come down and support this gig, its for a good cause. See ya all!

Hello 2012!

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Last Saturday night was a blast for us. Good friends and good music, though going home was quite a feat, with our bratmobile getting stuck in the process. Nevertheless we ended the year on a positive note.

We played a couple of new songs, some went well, some went astray. 2012 will be our 15th year being a band. Let’s hope 2012 will be kind to us, and make us complete the album by June this year if everything goes well.

A dozen of new materials, editing, splicing, configuring, and creative juices flowing. Till more updates, we love you!

Mr Fantesticles

NYE Countdown at Marina Barrage

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Hello Friends,

with the trains in revolt, man in uniform shooting himself in a toilet cubicle and a racist community leader on national TV; it is such a depressing way to end the year. It is expected, with the population hitting 5 million mark, its definitely turning topsy turvy.

The only way to cure these negativities is to fill them in with festivities. Find an escape to usher in the new year. FInd new resolutions and be merry!

It’s been a while since we have played live. A nice comeback gig for the year’s end organized by The Bloco Singapura Family. We have been invited to play alongside The Bushmen, Novo Bloco, Rhythm De Passion and The Dub Skankin’ High on New Years eve. Well, how nice is that?

The last time we played with Bushmen was way back in 1999, and it was on a Saturday Afternoon at Youth Park. A gig where we we played for each other.

Last week we were invited to be part of Najip Ali’s new TV series called ‘Kita Gerek’. We had loads of fun being thrown into the spot like a chihuahua doing a lap dance.

I think it will be shown next year on Suria. We covered M Nasir’s (Kembara) “Duit”, a straight Scorpionesque riffy song about money.

Mr Fantesticles

Ok this was cut and paste from the website:

N.Y.E Countdown Party and Mega Weekend Celebration at Marina Barrage

NYE Countdown Party @ Marina Barrage is organised by Marina Barrage, a project by PUB – Singapore’s national water agency.
Date/time: 31 Dec 2011 (from 2pm)
1 & 2 Jan 2012 (from 12 pm to 6pm)
Venue: Marina Barrage
Admission: Free
New Year Eve’s Concert 2011 (31 Dec 2011)
Come and join us at our 4-hour non-stop New Year Eve’s Countdown Party @ Marina Barrage from 8:30pm onwards. This celebration will feature popular local bands like Novo Bloco, Bushmen, Tiramisu and more. Groove with them and enjoy their stunting performance.

Carnival Activities (31 Dec 2011, 1 & 2 Jan 2012)
Besides the concert, there will be a fun carnival featuring pockets of novelty acts, food and beverages, workshops, flea-market and fun inflatable.

The grand finale of the night will end on a high note with fabulous fireworks set against city skyline. Locations like the Green Roof, Marina Bridge and Central Courtyard in the Marina Barrage are some of the best sites to see this spectacular display of lights and fire.

This is the poster:

Working Hard In The Studio

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We have been working diligently in the studio for the last couple of months and that is the reason why we are rarely seen live these days. Perhaps that is what we need to be focusing on, our music and perfecting our sound. Capturing the same live spirit and bringing it into the studio is different, and we have experienced wonderful ideas in the studio. Some are spontaneous while others were pure genius.
New materials are well in the process, all waiting to be sculpted and documented. We have a New Year’s Eve appearance alongside our legendary reggae outfit Bushmen and the mighty Bloco Singapura. All this will be happening at the Marina Barrage. Really looking forward to this one.
2012 will be a good year, if we can release some tracks. What is a definition of an album these days anyway? We will be around folks no matter how difficult the situation of the scene is if there is ever a scene needless to say. We love performing and we love creating.

Mr Fantesticles

One of the sessions at Studio Novo

It’s been a while…

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Wow, it’s been a while isn’t it? We have been in the dark shelters of lucid laziness. Other members of the group have been busy getting involved in other activities apart from where they were supposed to be, that is in the studio churning ideas and tracking for the album.
But of course, we are the soldiers of fortune, and we are fortunate to be here once again, gearing back into the studio, picking our gears up and writing songs. Nevertheless, we are on a journey, and we are not sure of where we are heading but we are heading somewhere.

A simple shout out:
Mamat Modjo’s spacerockpsychedelia band Spacedays is playing this weekend at HomeClub, here are the details:


Definition – The state or fact of remaining the same one or ones as under varying aspects or conditions.

I-den-ti-te aims to bring on different genres of local bands into a gathering experience. Always acting as a platform to escalate new and young talents, going forth, branding music capabilities. A new series of programming will entice freshness and depth in accordance to awareness within the local music scene. Be it, from the roots of Punk and Hardcore or the progression of Post rock and IDM to the commercial value of Pop or the swinging beats of Jazz. These series of pure friendship and music will fill your needs on every other Friday evenings at Home Club. An introduction of what dreams are made of.

A growing brand among the local music scene, the team has churned and discovered new talented acts like Jerlinn, Nick Chim, Long Night, Cockpit Winterhalter, Love jets, Vargus Pike Band and Automobil along with your current usual suspects of Plainsunset, The Bois, IAMDAVIDSPARKLE, ATC, Silhouette, Kate Of Kale,Paris in the making, The Marilyns, Caracal, Unvisual, Dualtone amongst others. Some regional/intenational acts have graced our nights like Berantakan and Man Under Zero Effort (KL), Kill The Apprentice (AUS), Madonna(AUS) David Knight(US) and Arigato, Hato!(PHI), Godstep(INDO) Identite nights represent that love and respect that we all have for our local music scene. Come and enjoy your evening with us and communicate with and about music.

30th September 2011, Friday, 18 and above
$12 (includes a housepour drink and entry to BEAT! after)

30th September 2011, Friday, 18 and above
$12 (includes a housepour drink and entry to BEAT! after)

THE ZOZI – The Zozi was formed around four years ago and have been performing fairly regularly and establishing a bit of a reputation for themselves as a band with a distinctive local flavour. A band that sticks down the memory lane since geeky times in polytechnic. Inspired by musical luminaries such as Morrisey to Ramlee Sarip, the Zozi’s upbeat tunes & simple comic-esque lyrics have never ceased to put a smile on many a punter’s face. Infusing a surf punk attitude with neu-bohemia rock, The Zozi have performed their songs about their daily lives at gigs/events such as Baybeats ’10 and Super Saturday Matinee, Ipoh. Proving that these live wires are an act not to be missed.

SPACEDAYS – Spacedays is a local band that was formed in late 2009, Experimental Psychedelic Space Sound, music with overdriven crazy & long spacey wah-wah guitar sound & lead vocals lead by the bands frontman Rahmat Suliman, Whack that filter Bass Redzuan Hussin & The Drum Sonic Machine Shakir Samat. The band have been active playing gigs around SG & KL & they released their first EP “We Are Spacedays”.

VIALS (KL) – Started at the end of 2001 with different band name (SCARLET GALLERY). The remaining line-up until now is shah, hafiz and em, decided to change the band name when the music direction change on the early 2005.Their sound is similar to British pop , British Rock , Experiment , shoegaze & post rock,base on the line- up different influences.

MAN UNDER ZERO EFFORT (M.U.Z.E, KL) – The Bukit Bintang Drunken Rockers. Our first EP called A Theme For Murderer.This band started from 2000 until now. Have been gigging since then through out Malaysia, Singapore and Thailand. Also have been performing for big show such as Baybeats, Rock The World, Indie Fest and etc. Progressive drunken Rock!

Desire At The Melancholic String Concert

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Desire at the Melancholic String Concert

Presented by Cake Theatrical Productions in collaboration with
Esplanade – Theatres on the Bay as part of The Studios

Desire works at the checkout counter of a supermarket. Day in and out she scans and beeps, trapped in total, utter dead-end boredom. In her imagination she is free, living many glorious lives as lover, heroine, rebel, rogue. In reality, she scans and beeps, scans and beeps in retail hell.

Desire at the Melancholic String Concert is an exploration of freedom beyond the unbending lines of power and oppression. Breaking free from tepid, gutless existence into wild unpredictability and heroic adventure. Pairing the dazzling duo Siti Khalijah and Rizman Putra and featuring the ultra-cool indie-rock band Tiramisu and the dynamic Philip Tan, this checkout girl is ready to meet the big bad crazy world!

Written & Directed by Natalie Hennedige
Performed by Rizman Putra, Siti Khalijah Zainal, Tiramisu, Philip Tan
Music direction by Philip Tan
Music composition and arrangement by Philip Tan and Tiramisu
Set design by Neon Tights
Lighting design by Suven Chan
Visual design by David Lee

14 to 16 April 2011, 8.00pm
Esplanade Theatre Studio

Tickets: $25
Concessions for students, NSF and senior citizens: $16

Tickets available at all Sistic Authorised Agents, hotline: 6348 5555,


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We are progressing well in the studio at The Dunlop (this is a temporary name), it is a challenging process nevertheless.
In the history of this band, there are countless attempts to record an album or even the fact getting a really proper recording done the last couple of years. It is easy to just record and put it out just like that but it is more difficult to produce a good album. This is what we are planning at the moment. Coming together to really do a good one.
We are saying that because it is not an easy task, there are many factors contributing to the situation. This is not just an excuse, if it is an excuse, we will not be here scratching our heads and figuring out the theory behind a good recording. For many years, we have known all of these factors, and we will just be repeating them over and over again.
The existence of a local band in Singapore is short if we come to realize that, it is lucky if the band is still playing together after ten years. This reference does not include bands that play covers in posh clubs. Of course we have nothing against those bands, in fact we have friends playing in those bands, we are happy with the path they have chosen.
This is for the independent band, the band that struggled and still struggling after so many years. Our respect goes to all of the bands, artists and individuals in their personal enclaves, who are still at it for so many years. Just keep on doing, never give up, it is definitely about the will.
Passion can die, but your will is like a parasite that never want to leave.
Deep within, I guess we know we are progressing nicely, learning and relearning the trades in making music and experience the joy of working together as a group. Our intentions are clear, to document all the songs we have written and place them nicely in a framework that we all agreed upon.

Let’s be optimistic…

Two Thousand Eleven: A New Year, New Ideas

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Zamradamuah to All,
we definitely had a great year in 2010, at least the second half, we have bounced back from Lazydom, and released our EP, joyfully entitled Yippee! after many years of shaking legs and shaking of other things. In fact we have sold all 50 copies, for those of you who have bought the EP, good on you! We are not printing anymore copies.

The Sub City gig was amazing, we had friends, bubble and smoke machines (how lethal is that?), leftover props from a Health Promotion Board roadshow, nice vibes, raw and alive. Special thanks to the bros from Straits Records and The Substation. Loads of love!

2011, we will be collaborating with Cake Theatrical Productions in April at The Esplanade for their annual Studio Season, entitled ‘Desire and Disco at The Melancholy String Concert’. This will be our second collaboration with them, in 2007 we were in Divine Soap, which was commissioned by The History Museum for their opening. More updates soon!

Things to look out for in 2011, the next Icon Series T-shirt, and a couple of tracks with special guest mixing some of the tracks.

So sit back, let’s enjoy the year, we shall proceed to the next chapter.

Mr Fantesticles

Photo by Liza Beydeth


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We will be playing at around 10PM this Saturday, 18th December, at The Substation. Come on down, there are 30 over bands performing!

Sub City Rockers: 20 years of The Substation
Presented by Straits Records and The Substation
Date: Thursday 16 – Saturday 18 December 2010, 5pm-2am
Venue: The Substation Theatre, classrooms and balcony
Tickets: $10 for Thrursday and $10 for Friday, $20 for Saturday, or $30 package for all 3 days
Tickets available at The Substation box office. Contact Mish’aal 6337 7800 /

Sub City Rockers is an end-of-year sonic jam by local bands and sound artists celebrating 20 years of The Substation. Presented by Straits Records and The Substation, Sub City Rockers features sonic blasts from Bushmen, I Am David Sparkle, The Pinholes, Plain Sunset, SpaceDays, Plus Nueva, Elektone, Cesspit, b-quartet, and more!

Salut The Tribes

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the Tribal Gathering on December 4th at The Substation was a blast. We believe it was sign for more things to come. We would like to thank those who were involved in the show. Let’s start with The Substation for letting us use the space and giving us the opportunity to present such a cathartic affair, Spacedays for the ass kicking set, Effendy for helping out with the balloons and acting like father of the bride, Eswandy for the lovely concoction of his sonic expression, The Lost Hat for warming the crowd with his accordion, Ichiro for his dirty debutante of visuals (Nice one Itch!), Marla Bendini who really added the sparkle on a misty night, the techs, the ladies mending the merchandise and of course to all of you who came. It was a night to remember, yippiee!

Love From us,

Photo by Noraini Ishak