It’s been a while…

Wow, it’s been a while isn’t it? We have been in the dark shelters of lucid laziness. Other members of the group have been busy getting involved in other activities apart from where they were supposed to be, that is in the studio churning ideas and tracking for the album.
But of course, we are the soldiers of fortune, and we are fortunate to be here once again, gearing back into the studio, picking our gears up and writing songs. Nevertheless, we are on a journey, and we are not sure of where we are heading but we are heading somewhere.

A simple shout out:
Mamat Modjo’s spacerockpsychedelia band Spacedays is playing this weekend at HomeClub, here are the details:


Definition – The state or fact of remaining the same one or ones as under varying aspects or conditions.

I-den-ti-te aims to bring on different genres of local bands into a gathering experience. Always acting as a platform to escalate new and young talents, going forth, branding music capabilities. A new series of programming will entice freshness and depth in accordance to awareness within the local music scene. Be it, from the roots of Punk and Hardcore or the progression of Post rock and IDM to the commercial value of Pop or the swinging beats of Jazz. These series of pure friendship and music will fill your needs on every other Friday evenings at Home Club. An introduction of what dreams are made of.

A growing brand among the local music scene, the team has churned and discovered new talented acts like Jerlinn, Nick Chim, Long Night, Cockpit Winterhalter, Love jets, Vargus Pike Band and Automobil along with your current usual suspects of Plainsunset, The Bois, IAMDAVIDSPARKLE, ATC, Silhouette, Kate Of Kale,Paris in the making, The Marilyns, Caracal, Unvisual, Dualtone amongst others. Some regional/intenational acts have graced our nights like Berantakan and Man Under Zero Effort (KL), Kill The Apprentice (AUS), Madonna(AUS) David Knight(US) and Arigato, Hato!(PHI), Godstep(INDO) Identite nights represent that love and respect that we all have for our local music scene. Come and enjoy your evening with us and communicate with and about music.

30th September 2011, Friday, 18 and above
$12 (includes a housepour drink and entry to BEAT! after)

30th September 2011, Friday, 18 and above
$12 (includes a housepour drink and entry to BEAT! after)

THE ZOZI – The Zozi was formed around four years ago and have been performing fairly regularly and establishing a bit of a reputation for themselves as a band with a distinctive local flavour. A band that sticks down the memory lane since geeky times in polytechnic. Inspired by musical luminaries such as Morrisey to Ramlee Sarip, the Zozi’s upbeat tunes & simple comic-esque lyrics have never ceased to put a smile on many a punter’s face. Infusing a surf punk attitude with neu-bohemia rock, The Zozi have performed their songs about their daily lives at gigs/events such as Baybeats ’10 and Super Saturday Matinee, Ipoh. Proving that these live wires are an act not to be missed.

SPACEDAYS – Spacedays is a local band that was formed in late 2009, Experimental Psychedelic Space Sound, music with overdriven crazy & long spacey wah-wah guitar sound & lead vocals lead by the bands frontman Rahmat Suliman, Whack that filter Bass Redzuan Hussin & The Drum Sonic Machine Shakir Samat. The band have been active playing gigs around SG & KL & they released their first EP “We Are Spacedays”.

VIALS (KL) – Started at the end of 2001 with different band name (SCARLET GALLERY). The remaining line-up until now is shah, hafiz and em, decided to change the band name when the music direction change on the early 2005.Their sound is similar to British pop , British Rock , Experiment , shoegaze & post rock,base on the line- up different influences.

MAN UNDER ZERO EFFORT (M.U.Z.E, KL) – The Bukit Bintang Drunken Rockers. Our first EP called A Theme For Murderer.This band started from 2000 until now. Have been gigging since then through out Malaysia, Singapore and Thailand. Also have been performing for big show such as Baybeats, Rock The World, Indie Fest and etc. Progressive drunken Rock!

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