We are progressing well in the studio at The Dunlop (this is a temporary name), it is a challenging process nevertheless.
In the history of this band, there are countless attempts to record an album or even the fact getting a really proper recording done the last couple of years. It is easy to just record and put it out just like that but it is more difficult to produce a good album. This is what we are planning at the moment. Coming together to really do a good one.
We are saying that because it is not an easy task, there are many factors contributing to the situation. This is not just an excuse, if it is an excuse, we will not be here scratching our heads and figuring out the theory behind a good recording. For many years, we have known all of these factors, and we will just be repeating them over and over again.
The existence of a local band in Singapore is short if we come to realize that, it is lucky if the band is still playing together after ten years. This reference does not include bands that play covers in posh clubs. Of course we have nothing against those bands, in fact we have friends playing in those bands, we are happy with the path they have chosen.
This is for the independent band, the band that struggled and still struggling after so many years. Our respect goes to all of the bands, artists and individuals in their personal enclaves, who are still at it for so many years. Just keep on doing, never give up, it is definitely about the will.
Passion can die, but your will is like a parasite that never want to leave.
Deep within, I guess we know we are progressing nicely, learning and relearning the trades in making music and experience the joy of working together as a group. Our intentions are clear, to document all the songs we have written and place them nicely in a framework that we all agreed upon.

Let’s be optimistic…

~ by tiramisu on January 19, 2011.

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