Two Thousand Eleven: A New Year, New Ideas

Zamradamuah to All,
we definitely had a great year in 2010, at least the second half, we have bounced back from Lazydom, and released our EP, joyfully entitled Yippee! after many years of shaking legs and shaking of other things. In fact we have sold all 50 copies, for those of you who have bought the EP, good on you! We are not printing anymore copies.

The Sub City gig was amazing, we had friends, bubble and smoke machines (how lethal is that?), leftover props from a Health Promotion Board roadshow, nice vibes, raw and alive. Special thanks to the bros from Straits Records and The Substation. Loads of love!

2011, we will be collaborating with Cake Theatrical Productions in April at The Esplanade for their annual Studio Season, entitled ‘Desire and Disco at The Melancholy String Concert’. This will be our second collaboration with them, in 2007 we were in Divine Soap, which was commissioned by The History Museum for their opening. More updates soon!

Things to look out for in 2011, the next Icon Series T-shirt, and a couple of tracks with special guest mixing some of the tracks.

So sit back, let’s enjoy the year, we shall proceed to the next chapter.

Mr Fantesticles

Photo by Liza Beydeth

~ by tiramisu on January 4, 2011.

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