Tribal Collaborators

Marla Bendini ( is a visual and performance artist in Singapore. Bendini transitioned into Marla Bendini in 2007, a process in search of the identity as the “art form”. Her first solo exhibition “Marla.” in December 2008 brought her to Pattaya, Thailand. In May 2010, she developed “Conversations between father and son”, a multimedia installation performance exhibited in The Substation Gallery, Singapore. Marla Bendini’s mediums range from painting and fine art to music, performance, dance and film. Her work expresses ideas about transgenderism, gender binaries and the dysfunction of social structures, particularly with the personal physical body as an articulation tool. She is currently studying at School of Art, Design & Media, Nanyang Technological University. She is a founding member of the Sisters in Solidarity (SIS), an educational campaign that seeks to address, educate and take a stand against the stigma that transgender people in Singapore face in everyday life.

Eswandy is a sonic specialist, presently in Elektone and Life Without Dreams. He will be presenting various transitional sets of wall scaling sound and sonic interactivity.

Faizal Bohtiar aka Ah Pong is the man behind gypsy-esque, soul searching band, The Lost Hat. He will be warming the crowd with his sweet melodic accordion.

Ichiro Nagasawa is a self taught video jockey, an art observer and a cat lover. His sensitive approach to mixing images has brought him to join the tribe.

~ by tiramisu on November 23, 2010.

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