From The Deck: Rocking Like a Hurricane!

Well…well…well…it’s been a while, we have been really quiet, observing from the deck. Witnessing the events unfolding in front of our psychedelic eyes. My email got hacked and I can’t even access our old blogspot and myspace accounts respectively, so let them stay afloat in cyberspace and rot in their own digital domain.

We took that as a sign, a new beginning, after 14 years of creating music, perhaps it is about time we decide on what is going to happen to our lives in the future.

This is the new site and we are on Facebook as well. We are not dead, we are still alive, slightly mellowed but we are still alive for sure.

Mamat Modjo formerly from The Pinholes, now the frontman of Spacedays is our new axeman. Replacing Atiff, who was abducted by fairies in tindersticks. The rest of the guilty parties remained the same.

We are in the midst of preparing a sweet little performance at The Substation in December, with a little help from friends and families. This is like our mini comeback, err, why do we even call it a comeback? We did not go anywhere. Hope to see you in December at The Substation, the place where it all started.

Rizman Putra

~ by tiramisu on November 23, 2010.

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